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For employers

A social benefit that stands out

52% of employees suffer from stress related ailments due to financial difficulties, ultimately impacting their performance at work: reduced productivity, less motivation, and more absenteeism. sumofuturo provides employers with a low cost social benefit that helps employees improve their financial wellbeing. Through its unique Personal Finance Manager, which aggregates financial products into one single platform, employees can take control over their finances: assess their overall financial situation, analyse where expenses go, set savings’ goals and access financial education content in order to improve their overall financial health.

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For employees

The Personal Finance Manager

Employees enjoy a digital platform where they can control their finances. Through bank account aggregation, sumofuturo provides a complete snapshot of an individual’s financial health, as well as a detailed view of their financial products, saving time and complexity. Furthermore, we help with financial planning in order to avoid unexpected events. Our security is as strong as the one used at banks, and no one has access to the data displayed at sumofuturo.


Security & Trust


sumofuturo profiles and account information are absolutely confidential, only users have access to their profiles.

Data protection

Users data is safeguarded with banking level security standards


We do not request any personal data that can identify a user. Only an email account is needed to register to sumofuturo.

Account cancellation

Our users can close their sumofuturo account at any time.

Read-only Privileges

sumofuturo can access financial accounts with read-only privileges. sumofuturo can’t operate or initiate any transaction on behalf of its users.

About us

A tech company at the service of employers

We merge the latest technologies in order to improve our society: we allow employers to help their employees to successfully improve their financial wellbeing. Our President, Pablo Alonso, is a recognized Wealth Manager with the dream to democratize the access to financial assistance. He is supported by our CEO, Ignacio García, an experienced fintech professional with a track record that includes Nimble Payments (BBVA), Holvi & iZettle.

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Start improving your employees’ financial wellbeing today with sumofuturo.

I am an employee

If your company is not yet offering sumofuturo as part of its benefits package, introduce us to your HR department!

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We support financial education

sumofuturo collaborates with key institutions committed to the promotion of financial education:

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