FAQs for employees

For which browsers is sumofuturo available?

You can use the service with Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Edge on the last 4 versions, and Internet Explorer 10 or higher.

If you would like to use sumofuturo on a different browser, please send us an email to hola@sumofuturo.com and share with us your preferences. We will be happy to analyse your request.

Can I use sumofuturo on my mobile?

Sumofuturo is available as an app for iOs and Android, as well as optimized for mobile browsers.

How many bank accounts or financial products can I connect to?

There are no limits per user in terms of bank accounts nor financial products, you can link as many bank accounts as you have, as longs as these are supported by sumofuturo.

Can I access sumofuturo without connecting my bank accounts?

Yes, you don’t need to connect your bank account to use your sumofuturo account. While there are features you will not enjoy (transaction history, reports, forecasts, balances, expense categorization….) you can access our “HOW TO SAVE” area, with exclusive financial content that can also help you get your finances in order.

My password forsumofuturo is the same as my access keys to my financial institutions?

No. To access sumofuturo we will need an email address you frequently use and a password (encrypted for security), which activates your account. Please bear in mind that your password should have 8 characters and include both numbers y letters.

Once you’ve set up your account you can connect it with all the financial institutions you like, as long as it is supported by sumofuturo, each one with its own access keys.

Why do I need to provide my access key to aggregate new financial accounts?

We need the access keys in order to read your financial history, so you can have in one place all your aggregated data as well as detailed information of all your financial products.

Do not worry; sumofuturo will never request your operation keys, just only access keys to read your information and display it on our platform.

What is the difference between access/reading and operation keys?

In order to aggregate your financial information, we need to have access to your banking and financial transactions. sumofuturo asks for your bank access keys: these keys facilitate read-only access to your banking and transactions information so that we can display your financial information and you can take full advantage of our features such as expense categorization, forecasts and goal setting, among other.

Operation keys are used to operate your bank accounts. sumofuturo will never ask you for your operation keys. Operation keys differ from bank to bank, they can be included in a card or a password, or sent over as an SMS if you want to order a transaction.

Who will have access to my financial data? Is the platform secure?

No one except you will have access to your data. All your information is 100% confidential and secure because:

- Sumofuturo is a read-only platform, meaning nobody can operate their bank account or order financial transactions from the platform. Please bear in mind we will never request the operation keys for your financial accounts.
- Our communications are encoded with 256 bits banking security level, as most advanced banks apply today.
- All the data you provide us will never be shared with third parties, as Data Protection regulation establishes.
- To register and use sumofuturo you only need an email address, ensuring your anonymity. Once you create your user profile, the platform is managed by algorithms, not humans, hence your transactions will never be viewed by any person.

Is my data shared with third party companies?

We just need your email account to use sumofuturo. No data shared with us will be ever shared with third party companies, strictly following Data Protection Laws in Spain. Your data is 100% confidential.

Which personal data do I need to register?

We will never share any data with third party companies, in compliance with Data Protection regulation. Your data is 100% confidential.

I lost the registration code provided by my company, how can I register?

Your Human Resources Team has your individual access code, please get in contact with them to recover your code. Without your individual access code you can’t register with us.

I already registered but I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

You can reset your password anytime, please click on “I forgot my password” here

Can I cancel my account? Where does my data go when my account is cancelled?

You can cancel your account anytime, from your “My profile” area and click on “Delete Account”. All the data will be removed from our servers and you will not have access again to yoursumofuturo account.

Which financial institutions are supported by sumofuturo?

Sumofuturo supports most financial institutions in Spain. Our coverage reaches 99% of the Spanish citizens. Having said that, if you cannot find your current financial institution, please send us an email to hola@sumofuturo.com and share your case with us.

The following financial institutions are supported by sumofuturo:

- Abanca
- Abante asesores
- Activobank
- American Express
- Ahorro corporacion
- Arquia
- Azvalor
- Banca farmafactoring
- Banco Caminos
- Banca March
- Banca pueyo
- Banco Pastor
- Banco Popular
- Banco Sabadell
- Bancofar
- Bancopopular-e
- Bankia
- Bankinter
- Bankoa
- Bestinver
- Blockchain
- Caixa albalat
- Caixa alginet
- Caixa almenara
- Caixa alqueries
- Caixa altea
- Caixa callosa
- Caixa colonya
- Caixa geral
- Caixa guisona
- Caixa petrer
- Caixa Rural Burriana
- Caixa Rural Nules
- Caixa Sant Vicent
- Caixa turís
- Caixa vilafamés
- Caixa vilavella
- Caixa xilxes
- Caixabank
- Caja arquitectos
- Caja cheste
- Caja de ingenieros
- Caja Duero
- Caja laboral
- Caja Rural de Villar
- Cajamar
- Cajastur
- CajaSur
- Carrefour Financial Services
- Carrefour visa
- Catalunya Caixa
- Cetelem
- Cofidis
- Cuenta facto
- Degiro
- Deutsche Bank
- Edenred
- El corte ingles
- España duero
- EVO banco
- EVO Finance
- Finconsum
- Fonditel
- Ibercaja
- Iberia cards
- Imaginbank
- ING Direct
- Inversis
- Kutxabank
- Laboral Kutxa
- Liberbank
- Magallanes
- Mapfre
- Mediolanum
- Moneygram
- Mutuactivos
- Mutualidad abogacia
- Novo Banco
- Obsidiana
- OficinaDirecta
- Openbank
- Renta4
- Rural torrent
- Rural vila-real
- Ruralvía
- Santander
- Santander finance consumer
- Santander Private
- Self Bank
- Solred
- Targobank
- Tranferwise
- Tressis
- Triodos Bank
- Unicaja
- Visa cepsa
- Western union
- WiZink

FAQs for employers

What is sumofuturo?

Sumofuturo helps employees improve their financial wellbeing.sumofuturo is an innovative service, with real, measurable impact on employees’ financial lives, albeit a very low-cost for employers . Through a personal financial assistant, which aggregates personal financial information, employees can take control over their finances. Some of the key features include helping employees assess their overall financial situation, analyse spending patterns through expense categorization, set saving’s goals and get access to financial education content, among others.

  Which benefits does sumofuturo provide to my company?

Sumofuturo is a service designed to innovate and differentiate your company’s compensation and social benefits’ scheme. Employers which offer financial wellbeing solutions to employees have more productive companies, are more profitable, have lower absenteeism and enjoy higher retention rates.

Financial Wellbeing is the fastest growing category in employee benefits. It is becoming an important policy complement in talent and culture management at companies at a worldwide level.

Which benefits does sumofuturo offer my employees?

Our platform provides personalized financial assistance to your employees.

Your employees enjoy a digital platform (both web and app) where they can visualize their finances, as well as view detailed information regarding checking accounts, savings accounts, card transactions etc. In addition, employees can set saving’s goals, get a financial wellbeing score and customize financial forecasts. Furthermore, your employees will have free access to personalized financial education content.

Now your employees can take control over their finances with an analysis of their spending patterns and take actions to improve their financial health.

Is the sumofuturo platform secure for my employees?

Absolutely secure. We take security and data protection very seriously. We do not share or sell users’ data. Moreover, sumofuturo only gets access to financial data to aggregate and display it in our user-friendly plataform. We will never ask or have access to operational keys, so we will never be able to order any transaction on our users’ bank accounts.

Security is key for sumofuturo; therefore we operate under the highest security standards. Data is encrypted with the same standards used at the most advanced banks and financial institutions.

Can my employees register directly at sumofuturo?

No, this option is not available.sumofuturo is only accessible through an employer as an employee benefit.

How can my company contract sumofuturo?

Get in contact with us through our web or send us an email to hablamos@sumofuturo.com. Our sales team will guide you through our terms of service and on boarding process.

How many employees can I register?

As many as you want. We will study your case carefully so we can offer the best-suited offer for your company and your employees’ needs.

Can an employee operate a bank account from sumofuturo?

Never.sumofuturo is an assistance platform. Neither sumofuturo nor an employee can order a banking transaction through our platform.

Will my employees get spam emails from you?

No. We are an independent plataform and we will never use any of our users’ data for third party advertising purposes. Our aim is to provide independent and impartial assistance. We are convinced that it’s a social responsibility to promote financial education.

Will you spam my employees once registered on your platform?

No, one of sumofuturo key values is that we do not operate an advertising model, so we are impartial in all our content. We will never sell financial products or any products for that matter, to your employees. We are 100% free of advertising.

We send email alerts to your employees based on their account settings. They can modify email alerts and notifications directly on their account preferences.

Propietary financial data is available to other users?

Absolutely not. Every user has access to his / her financial data, and this is possible as every user has his/her own protected account in the sumofuturo platform.

Our user / password scheme operates similarly to well-known digital platforms such as Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn etc. your employees are already familiarized with.

Can the company ever view or access employee’s financial data?

Never. You will never have access to your employees’ individual information.

You will only have access to aggregated information (never individual) about your employees’ financial wellbeing. This information is intended to provide you with general aggregated data that can help you improve your knowledge about your employees financial wellness and potential concerns.

Who can contract sumofuturo’s services?

Sumofuturo is a service available to any company -- regardless of their size or sector-- concerned with the financial wellbeing of their employees. Our sales team will work closely with you to define a collaboration proposal.

Is sumofuturo available for mobile?

Sumofuturo is mobile-friendly for both smartphones and tablets. In addition, sumofuturo has a free mobile app, both for iOs and Android, further improving users’ mobile experience.


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